7 Must-Have Tools for New Nail Art Enthusiasts

It is pretty hard to look for a salon every time you need a manicure (especially when you want a quick fix). If you are fond of nail art but can't make it up to the salon, we are here to guide you.

Do you know that you can get salon-looking manicured nails quickly at your home? Yes, you read it right! All you need is manicure tools to get yourself going.

So, all the nail art enthusiasts out there, here are the 7 must-have tools you need to swear by

Essential Nail Art Tools to Stock Today

  • Some Go-To Nail Polishes

Duh! Isn't it obvious?

For any urgent manicure session, you need to have a few of your favourite nail paints to go by. If you don't have them yet, you can start by buying the most basic colours including pink, red, and nudes. Make sure that you go for a colour that matches your skin tone. For instance, beige looks classic on a medium skin tone while deep red flaunt the dusky beauties.

  • A Matte Top Coat

Similar to nail paints, investing in topcoats is equally important. The topcoat works as a base and provides the salon finish you dream about. If you love matte shades, you can invest in a matte topcoat that can bring even shiny nail paint to a matte finish.

  • Nail Polish Remover and Cotton Pads

If you are fond of experimenting, you need to spend some money on nail polish remover. Make sure that the remover is of good quality as inferior ones can instantly make your nails dry leaving them brittle and yellow.

Furthermore, always keep cotton pads handy as these are super easy to use. These days you can find cotton pad polish removers in the market that are easy as well as affordable.

  • Glitter Nail Polishes

    Are you running late for a party and don't know what to do? Just splash your nails with some glitter and you are ready to go. Similar to basic shades glitters are a must-have for the easy breezy party look.

    • Cuticle Oil

    The constant application and removal of nail paint leave the nails brittle and dry. Using a nail nourisher such as a cuticle oil revives the life of your nails by making them soft and shiny.

    • Tweezers and Nail File

    Tweezers are a saviour when you want to place a sticker or pull out tape from your nails. These are super easy to use and give you a non-messy manicure within minutes.

    Secondly, nail files are extremely important especially when you accidentally break your nail. All you need to do is grab a nail file, work on the edges of the nails and you are done.

    • Stones and Stickers

Nail art is incomplete without fancy stones and stickers. You can find hundreds of options that work on enhancing the beauty of your nails.

Only make sure that you buy stones or stickers that come with peel-offs or adhesives so that you don't have to purchase glue.

Nail art is fun and it is more fun when you have the tools by your side. With the above-mentioned ones, you can bring life to your nails at the comfort of your place. Get to know more about such products here.