At-Home Nail Art Ideas to Make a Statement


Do you often complain about not having enough time and opportunities to groom yourself and use your creativity?

We have come up with some simple at-home nail art designs that can make a statement. With a little practice, you could make your way to make your nails look super charming and well-maintained - without visiting any nail salon.

Here are some super easy at-home nail art ideas that you can try even if you are not a nail artist.

Pick any look that you love!


Nine At-Home Nail Art Ideas 

1.      Flying butterflies


It is unique and easy nail art. Show up your cute side with this sparkly butterfly. And what goes better with silver butterfly stickers than white and pink nail colors.

2.      Mickey love


Are you a Mickey Mouse lover? Well, who is not! Bring out the kid within you with this mickey mouse nail art design. Paint your nails with bold mickey colors- yellow, red, and black and give your ring fingernail a hint of glitter and mickey stickers.

We know you want this design on your nails right now. So don’t wait and take out your nail art tool kit and get started.

3.      Bunny art

Here is another nail art design for your inner kid. This beautiful nail art design can be achieved using 104 Naked, Daisy, Queenbee, Crystal Clear, 101 Super white, Diamond shine topcoat, and WowBao monomer.

4.      Simple checked strip

Are you looking for a simple and clean-looking nail art design? Then this is what you need Honey. Give an extra oomph to this simple nail art design with a diamond shine top coat by WowBao.

5.      Sophisticated and natural-looking


If you are a person who likes a sophisticated and classy look, then ‘Classy Lady’ Acrylic Powder is the perfect color for you. From the workplace to the party you can rock with this classy nail art everywhere you go. It’s so simple and so chic!

6.      Ocean waves


What about going with nail art that gives you a feeling of ocean waves around. Well, it is easy to get with I'm cold 130 gel polish and super white 101 acrylic powder. Give it an extra awesome look with a WowBao diamond shine topcoat.

7.      Glittery magic

To make your day a little shiny try out this glitter nail art design. It is easy to get with 115- mythology acrylic powder, G611- first-class acrylic powder, and Crystal Clear.

8.      Simply nice


9.      Night sky

Give your nails a night sky look with Ambition, Superwhite, and Nightsky acrylic powder. There is no better way to flaunt your nails to your next home party! It is artistic and expressive.

Buy nail art tools and colors with WowBao Nails and articulate yourself with your favorite design while using your underlying creative power!