How to Remove Dry Acrylic from your Acrylic Kolinsky Brush

Does your Acrylic Kolinsky Brush look like it’s had better days?

Maybe you've even Googled 'How do I keep my Acrylic Nail brush from getting hard?'

If the bristles are stuck together, hardened… pretty much everything you don’t want your Nail Brush to be then don’t panic… we have an answer to your question ‘How to clean acrylic nail brushes after use.’

Our Wowbao Brush Cleaner will soak your sad Nail Brush back to new, with zero effort.

How to Remove Dry Acrylic from your Acrylic Kolinsky Brush
Our Wowbao Brush Cleaner is formulated with a gentle but effective solution made for natural hair bristles, like sable or kolinsky acrylic brushes. It can also be used on synthetic hair brushes.


1. Fill a clean monomer dish that does not contain any other chemicals or solution contaminants with our Brush Cleaner and submerge the bristles, then take a cuticle pusher or orange stick and gently push the dried acrylic out. Only fill your clean monomer dish with enough solution to just cover the submerged brush bristles. If you use too much you could damage the metal section (the ferrule part) that holds the bristles to the handle. 

2. Swish the bristles around in the solution for 2 minutes, make sure you are using gentle back and forth motions instead of vigorous twisting.

3. Take an Orange stick or cuticle pusher and gently push the Acrylic out in the direction of the bristles.

4. Dip your Acrylic Brush into your liquid monomer to recondition the bristles and pinch to reshape your brush. Check out this post to help reshape your bristles.

What to do if your Acrylic Brush Bristles are still hard

1. If the acrylic has sat inside the bristles for a couple of hours or overnight, you will need to soak the Acrylic Brush in the Brush Cleaner for 5 minutes. Then push the powder out with a cuticle pusher or orange stick in the direction of the bristles, if the powder will still not budge then leave to soak for a further 5 minute and repeat until the Acrylic Brush is residue free.

2. Dip your Acrylic Brush into your liquid monomer to recondition the bristles and pinch to reshape your brush. Check out this post to help reshape your bristles.

Don't do this!

Whenever you are cleaning your brush don't tug at the bristles. You may shed a couple of hairs with is natural but any vigorous rubbing or tugging will crimp and ruin your Acrylic Brush. If you have to tug and pull away the dried acrylic, it's a sign you need to leave your brush to soak in the Brush Cleaner Solution for longer.

If clumpy Acrylic Bristles are a regular occurrence in your nail salon, it could be you need to review your acrylic powder and liquid monomer application. Check out this post to help with your acrylic powder to liquid ratio.

Clean your Acrylic Nail Brushes regularly. This will help to keep the bristles soft and flexible and prolong it's overall lifespan.

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