Short Nails? Here are Some Inspiring Ideas to Make Them Look Super-Pretty!


Do you like to keep your nails short but also want to style them? Why not try some interesting nail art?

If you have a perception that nail art is for long nails, you are wrong. You can enjoy nail art with your short nails too!

No matter how long or short your nails are, you can always enjoy having elaborated nails. To give you some design inspiration, we have compiled a few nail art ideas that you can try at home. We hope this will inspire you to turn your short nails into something super-pretty. So, let’s start!

Inspiring Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

1.      Gorgeous graffiti

This simple nail art is best for your simple and sorted personality. It is a dual-tone art that does not require any special tool but only black and golden gel paint.

Paint your nails with black gel paint and swipe some random strokes of golden gel paint. Bingo! You are done.

2.      Striped nails

Incorporate pinstripes to create beautiful nail art for your pretty short nails. This striped nail art is super easy.

Paint your nails super white and create pink thin stripes on them. Also, use different colors for creating stripes. You can create pastel color stripes for an aesthetically pleasing look.

3.      Splattered nails

Let your inner artist come out! To create a splattered nail art design you will need super white acrylic powder and nail paints of some other colors of your choice.

Paint your nails with white color. Dip the nail paint brush of other colors in the water and spray it on your nails using your fingers. Spray the different nail colors one by one and get multicolored splatter nails.

4.      Half-moon

It is the easiest nail art design. Make a base of a nude color. Apply reinforcing stickers over your cuticles. Paint your nails with the metallic nail color of your choice. Finish it with a topcoat.

5.      Geometric nails

Apply a base coat with white gel paint. Create geometric shapes using tape. Stick the tape on your nails while creating a geometric pattern. Paint over it with jade gel paint. Remove the paint and finish it with a topcoat.

You can create different geometric shapes and use different colors on different nails following the same steps. It adds a pop of color to your nail art.

6.      Glitter ombre

To get a glitter ombre look for your nails, paint your nails light blue with poolside gel polish. Dust some blue moon glitter acrylic powder in an ombre fashion when the paint is slightly wet. Fix it properly using a topcoat. That’s all you need!

7.      All black

Who doesn’t love black? Black looks prettier on small nails. To create an all-black nail art you need matte and glossy black polish. Paint your nails matte black and add the polka dots and stripes with gloss black paint. Flaunt your nails with confidence!

Using the amazing ideas mentioned above, you can get creative. When you have such wonderful nail art options, then why settle for less? Treat your nails like a canvas and express your creativity. Meanwhile, if you are looking for some great nail art stuff, shop them at WowBao Nails!