How to Achieve a Flawless Manicure on Natural Nails with Builder Gel?

In the world of nails, there are so many phrases that effectively mean the same thing! For me, performing a "fill" is equivalent to just applying a gel manicure. Now that the filling procedure is a part of my prep procedure, I can immediately begin redoing my gel nails! A fill essentially consists of adding a new product to the grown-out section of your nails to provide a fresh manicure. Let's discuss the procedure now!

I want to mention safety prior to going too far

With regard to DIY nails, this is debatably the subject I care about the most. I'll let you in on a little-known fact about using gel polish and an e-file:

Gel and e-file manicures are not harmful to your nails. Incorrect use of the products is what truly damages your nails.

I receive so many messages every day from people complaining that they filed their nails too much and are now in pain, or that their gel polish is peeling off after a few days and weakening their nails, but they've never taken the time to learn how to carry out these procedures safely and correctly.

I usually make an effort to be understanding and kind when this occurs, but I can't emphasize enough how crucial it is to complete the work before performing your very first manicure. If you won't help yourself, I can't either! So if you're still having problems, please read this, sign up for the courses, and mail me. This is the reason I developed my courses, which are packed with knowledge to get you ready for a safe manicure and include all you need to know in a detailed format with follow-along videos. As we proceed, I will go over which courses complement each step of the application process.

Flawless Manicure on Natural Nails with Builder Gel

The Builder Gel E-File is the process's key component. 

You can create an apex on your nail by using building gel during your manicure. Brush on Builder gel enables you to "build" up your apex, which provides your nails amazing dimension, and tremendous strength and also shields your natural nail from the e-file so you don't have to worry about it contacting your natural nail. The apex is essentially just the stress point of your nail.

You may not be able to use an e-file or e-file off as much if your gel manicure is too thin if you're not utilizing builder gel.

Step 1. E file removal

In this phase, the top coat layer, any nail art, and any gel colors have to be eliminated. I also like to take off the top layers of my base coat-building gel. My intention is to use the e-file to effectively remove my built-in apex and "de-bulk" my nails. I must take off this existing manicure since I want to create a new apex with my new one!

Once I've smoothed out my base coat, I stop e-filing. Here, it's crucial to have a thin coating of base coat on your nails for the following reasons:

  • We don't want to touch your natural nail with the e-file bit.
  • The remaining building gel really improves the adhesion of the subsequent manicure.
  • Your nails are kept strong by any leftover building gel.

In my E-file lesson on removing and preparing gel manicures, I show and describe this complete procedure.

At this point, I also advise quitting while you're ahead and switching to a hand file if you need to further smooth things out. As you approach nearer to your natural nail, you'll have better control and be less prone to remove too many layers!

Step 2. Manicure prep

This following step is crucial because if you skip it, your gel manicure will lift, chip, or peel, which effectively throws this entire procedure into a loop and stops it from operating.

My preferred method of operating is:

  • E-file deletion
  • Cuticle prep for e-file
  • Buff and file the surface of the nails so that they are level after the e-file removal but still have a thin film of gel on them.
  • Nail shapes
  • Cleanse

Step 3: Applying the builder gel

Your nails are now prepared for the gel application and are ready to go!

Although applying builder gel requires a little more skill than applying a simple gel polish, the results are amazing and the extra work is well worth it.

The advantages of building gel:

  • I constantly use and suggest Kokoist items! They are made with pure Japanese gel of the highest quality, which is extremely long-lasting and made without any dangerous substances or solvents.
  • Learn more about the differences between pure and hybrid gels and why I do not advise using hybrid gel for this procedure here.
  • You can carry out the complete process while building an apex
  • If done correctly, your manicure should last two to three weeks. Since you won't be painting your nails as frequently, your nails will have more time to develop and be shielded from the environment, making them stronger all around. 

STEP 4: Continue this process infinitely:

You may just repeat step 1 when you're ready to retouch your nails. It really is that easy. My nails have never looked better, and I adore them so much. 

I sincerely hope after reading this essay a lot of lightbulbs went out and you now have a better understanding of this procedure! It really has changed the game for me in terms of keeping my nails strong enough to grow out, but it's crucial to educate yourself on how to do it. Your e-file method might not be secure if your building gel application needs enhancement; you risk doing harm. Nothing actually functions without everything else, and everything genuinely works hand in hand.


Brush-on builder gel makes it simple to get beautiful natural nails. A professional finish is guaranteed by the use of an acrylic brush and HEMA-free gel polish. Improve your manicure game to easily experience long-lasting beauty with Wowbao nails products.

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