9 Engagement Nail Design Ideas

Flaunt your engagement ring with creative nail designs!

What goes better with a beautiful engagement ring than a stunning nail design?

After your engagement, everyone will ask you to show the sparkly new addition to your hands. And definitely, you don’t want to show off your precious engagement ring with those plain, everyday nails. 

To help you adorn your nails, we have come up with some creative engagement nail design ideas. These will ideally complement your beautiful attire and give your Instagram feed a gorgeous appeal. 

The Best Engagement Nail Design Ideas

The below engagement nail design ideas will look perfect next to your engagement ring without overshadowing it (well, nothing ever could do!)

These are completely doable at home, even if you are not an expert with nail art. 

Crystal nails 


Go all the way out and decorate your nails with shiny silver press-on crystals. These crystals complement your ring perfectly no matter what is the style and size of your engagement ring. 

Shape them precisely and make a coat of subtle pink colour on your nails before adorning them with crystals. This will enhance the look of your crystals without going over. 

Bold marble nails


Keep your nails as glittery as your engagement ring and heart! Give your nails a marble touch with white, black, grey, and silver glitter gel polish. This nail art makes you sparkle like crazy!

Classy nail dos


Do you want a classy sophisticated look? You can get it with the help of acrylic powder. This nail design is ideal for working women who cannot go loud all day. Show off your style in a stunning way! 

Flowery pastel nail design


Bloom your nails with this flowery pastel nail design. With this nail design, you can go creative while staying subtle. For extra oomph, you can add press-in crystals to your nail design. 

Show your love for neon


Want to compliment your ring with glowy neon colours? We got you covered! Here is the perfect neon nail design that catches every eye around you (of course for good). Why step back, just show off!

Design your nails with happy colours


Let every bit of your nails show the happiness of you getting engaged! Design your nails with a happy spring colour like this design. A beautiful flower design with beautiful colours is the best way to flaunt your engagement ring. 

Paint it red


When nothing goes right the red goes! Red is the universal colour for every nail, when in confusion choose to paint your nails red. Trust us it will make your engagement ring look hotter. 



Pink nail design is the chicest and truly inspiring. It makes for the perfect shade that will go with the classic ring designs. If you are a pink lover, look no further and get it done!

Metallic love


Design your nails stunning for your engagement with your favourite chrome pigment. This is one of the easiest engagement nail designs you can try even if you are a beginner. 

So, which one would you pick? 

Find all your favourite engagement nail designs at WowBao Nails and look and feel beautiful on your special day!