A Guide To Nail Drill Bits Shapes and Features

High-quality bits are capable of much more than simply removing polish from your nails. When working on a customer, having the appropriate bit for the job will greatly simplify your life and save you time. The materials, forms, sizes, and grits of nail drill bits vary, and each type has a distinct usage and function.

In this blog, we'll discuss how different shapes of nail drill bits is used. We are unable to learn every possible bit shape due to its diversity. We will now explain to you guys the most common nail drill bits shapes with their features.


  • Barrel/Cylinder bit

The barrel bits are excellent for finishing the nail's surface. The barrel pieces can also be used to produce a smile line, shorten and shape the nail, and cut backfill. But be careful not to apply this on the cuticle area.


  • UNC/Needle Bit

Under the nail-cleaning bit is the UNC bit. The UNC bit has a tiny, pointed form. Depending on the manufacturer, the point size varies. The bit can fit in small locations because of its specific design. The UNC bit is frequently used for sidewall cleaning in addition to under-nail cleaning. This bit is also used by some nail professionals to create artistic nail holes.


  • Ball Top Shape

The ball-shaped bit is used for removing loose cuticle that has been pulled from the nail plate as well as hard skin and cleaning up the Eponychium (the hard skin above the nail plate).


  • Cone Bit

The shape of the cone bit is long, slender, and tapered. This cone-shaped bit can be used for a variety of tasks, including cleaning under the nail and preparing the cuticle area and sidewalls. The top of the nail can also be drilled with the cone bit. Although it is not the finest form for fingernail surface work, it is excellent for toenail surface work.


  • Safety Bits

These cuticle safety bits were created for secure cuticle work. They have many different shapes and are rounded at the top. These parts make it simple to access the sidewalls and cuticle without harming the nail. They are excellent for cuticle in-fill work.


  • Mandrel Bit

Common materials for this bit include rubber or metal. Only after inserting the mandrel bit into the sanding band can you begin working with it. After working with a client, the paper sanding band needs to be replaced. Sanding bands frequently become quite hot. The effects of heat on your client.


  • Flame Bit

The Flame bit is great for removing hangnails. Used to create a lip of dead cuticle in order to better remove dead skin. Removes any excess dust and skin around the nail plate and can also be used to clean and perfect after product application. 


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