Nail Tips vs Nail Forms

It’s a common debate if Nail Tips are better than forms and the simple answer is… it’s completely up to you. For sure there are pros and cons to both and it depends on your expertise and salon requests. Both methods take a lot of practice to master and give a slightly different look.

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What are Nail Tips?

Nail Tips are known world wide in the Nail scene, they look like a fake nail that you stick onto the tip of your nail. Then acrylic or a gel is applied on the top to build strength. Nail Tips are used to create length and can be shaped to whatever the client requests. To save time on shaping and filing you can use a wide variety of different shapes such as, stiletto, square and deep C-curves.

What are the Pros of using Nail Tips?

  • Super easy, stick and go. Great for beginner nail techs or those who want to create nail sets quickly
  • Every nail looks the same
  • Client can’t move the nail tip when glued
  • You can buy different styles (Stiletto, Square, Almond) Less Filing Needed for Shape

What are the Cons of using Nail Tips?

  • You need to spend time blending the nail seam
  • Need to prep the nail tip to remove the shine
  • Different tips needed for different looks
  • Nail tip needs to be positioned on a different angle depending on clients request for a square or almond look
  • Create Pressure on the Natural Nail which could cause damage
  • Nails look thicker taking away the natural aesthetic

What are Nail Forms?

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A Nail Form can be thought of as a guide that you stick around the nail to sculpt. You remove the form from the form roll and apply underneath the natural nail and create the base needed. So you guessed it, the nail form is a one size fits all way to create beautiful nails. During Nail Technician training, most instructors train students to use Nail Tips first before Nail Forms as they can be a little trickier to create the ideal shape.

What are the Pros of using Nail Forms?

  • Nail Form fits all size nails
  • Look more natural than Nail Tips
  • More Product attached to the natural nail

What are the Cons of using Nail Forms?

  • Clients can knock the form in a lamp
  • Time & concentration needed to sculpt the nail form around the natural nail
  • Precision placement to connect nail form to existing nail edge
  • More filling needed to create desired Nail Shape

What Method should you use? 

We recommend you find the method that your clients request the most and what helps you to create beautiful Nail Sets with confidence and ease. Luckily most clients don't know the different between Nail Forms and Nail tips so you have the advantage to choose what works best with your skills.

Overall Nail Tips allow you to create Nail Sets quickly meaning you can have a client sitting in your salon for less time. However Nail forms create a flawless natural look.

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