Shine On With These Beautiful Glittery Nail Polish Colours

Haven’t you got over with reds and nudes? 

It’s time to go all glitzy! 

Jump into the bandwagon of glitter lovers and stand out in the crowd by achieving sparkly nails and jazzing up your look with glitters.

As you explore the options you have a wide variety of colours to try out for different occasions. Right from subtle shimmers and breezy sparkles to shimmery gels and chunks of crystals, apt for every age group.

Luckily, all these shiny nail colours are no more for grade-school goers only. Now it is the story for all grown-ups who want to give a finishing touch to their nails. It is suitable for all special occasions or simple creativity to your regular nail look. 

Have a look at a few popular shades that you can try and glam up.

Beautiful Glittery Nail Polish Colours

Summer punch

Check the beautiful glittery nail polish colour for you to pamper your nails next time. 

Remember those parties? Layer on this formula to the next very first party you are invited to. The summer punch glitter gel polis will look chic especially when sophisticatedly holding that martini glass. 

Magenta Glitter

Go bold with this magenta glitter gel polish. It makes you glow brighter than the party lights around. Paint your nails with the iconic polish of this season. It is an unexpected blend of glitter and bold magenta colour which give your nail a playful look. 

A fairy tale to tell

This intoxicating glitter polish is nothing less than a dream come true. It is for the mood when you want to go all sparkly but want a subtle touch. This polish not only gives you a Disney princess look but also gives a good finishing once dried. 


Elevate your style and mood with this black glittery nail polish. Black set your mood to rock and roll. Its bold hue takes your look to the next level. It is super smooth to use and looks stunning in pictures. 

Queen Bee

If you are going for something different, go big! Apply the thick coats of Queen Bee Glitter nail polish to cover your whole nail with reflective glitter. This unique nail polish colour compliment best to your unique personality. 

Take It Slow

Channel dance club vibes with this pretty glitter polish. This nail colour is packed with fine glitter and stays impressively long. One coat of it is more than enough to show off your gorgeous nails. 

Gold plate 

All glitter is not gold, but surely this gold plate glitter nail polish is. The Micro-glitter of this nail polish covers the entire clear glossy base and covers your nails completely in just two good coats. Wear it alone or complement it with plain nail art, nothing can bang on like it. 


This colour has major doll vibes. Just brush one coat of this dreamy shade when you need a last-minute nail design. You can rock with it no matter what time of year you wear it. You can also give life to your everyday look with this Unicorn glitter nail polish. 

Mysterious Actress

What else you need when you can have red and glitter together. No one can stop you from having a glamorous look with this Mysterious Actress red glitter nail polish. Be the centre of attention for your next cocktail party or gala! 

Let us know which shade you liked and pick your favourites from the WowBao Nails before it gets out of stock!