What are the benefits of using Hema Free Gel Polish?

Anyone with sensitive skin can obtain a lovely manicure with HEMA-free gel nail paint.

Before relatively recently, people with certain types of sensitive skin disorders couldn't wear nail paint. HEMA, a substance to which some people are allergic, is a component in both gel and regular nail lacquer.

What is hema in gel polish?

2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, also known as hydroxyethyl methacrylate, is known by the abbreviation HEMA. If you want to go extremely specific, it's a polymer that reacts with water to create a hydrogel. 

Even though that might not signify anything to someone who isn't a professional scientist, if you enjoy getting your nails done, you should still be aware of it.

This specific substance, which is a recognized allergy, can be found in nail paint. Dermatologists have realized in recent years that HEMA in gel polish can give some people an allergic reaction.

Just like with all other allergies, you may not be allergic to something just because other people are. 

HEMA may be your problem if you've ever experienced an allergic response to a manicure.

What appears when a HEMA allergy occurs?

If you experience any allergy symptoms at all, it is essential that you see your doctor because HEMA allergies can manifest differently in different people.

A red, itchy rash on the fingertips is one of the symptoms of HEMA allergies. Due to someone rubbing their eyes when their nails are painted, this can occasionally also spread to the area around the eyes. Additionally, the nails may become brittle, flaky, or simply feel more sensitive in general.

Remove your nail paint if you think your symptoms might be caused by a HEMA allergy.

When the sensitivity subsides, you can always repaint your nails with HEMA-free lacquer.

What is HEMA-free gel polish? 

It is precisely what you would expect a HEMA-free gel polish to be. This gel polish doesn't include HEMA. As a result, allergies are less prone to develop, yet it still has a great appearance.

You may make a stunning manicure with the aid of the lovely colors in our selection of HEMA-free gel polish.

Our product line is fantastic since it still functions like gel polish. This implies that in order for it to set, it must be cured under UV light. As a result, your manicure is robust and durable.

It is also possible to find HEMA-free builder gel lacquer, but it isn't intended for regular manicures. To determine whether you require builder gel polish, look into possible reasons why individuals could use it. Builder gel polish is typically extra-hard and used to strengthen weak nails.

How is HEMA-free gel polished used?

It's really simple to give yourself or another person a manicure without using HEMA.

It requires a setting with a UV light because it won't dry naturally, just as ordinary gel polish.

The process for applying HEMA-free gel to your nails is the same as for applying regular gel polish.

  1. Sanitize your hands.
  2. Trim and clean your nails. This could refer to filing only or filing and trimming.
  3. Use the appropriate chemicals to prepare your nails.
  4. Apply a thin layer of HEMA-free gel base coat, then cure it with UV light.
  5. Apply 2-3 coats of your selected color of HEMA-free gel polish, curing in between each layer.
  6. Finish by applying a topcoat devoid of HEMA and curing it under a UV light.
  7. Apply cuticle oil, wash your hands, and then hydrate them with hand cream.

Where can HEMA-free gel polish be purchased?

Only a few companies provide products that are HEMA-free, but we highly recommend the Wao bao’s HEMA-Free gel polish.

For those who have previously displayed allergy symptoms, it's a wonderful investment. Additionally, it's a safe pick for any clients who have sensitive skin issues but have never had to deal with HEMA allergies.

Is it possible to obtain a gel manicure that is completely HEMA-free?

A HEMA-free base coat, a HEMA-free topcoat, and a variety of HEMA-free gel polish shades are all part of our HEMA-free gel polish line.

This means that if you want to completely skip HEMA in your upcoming manicure, you can do so. Don't mix, match, and improvise.

Who is eligible to use HEMA-free gel nail polish?

The good news is that anyone can use gel polish that is HEMA-free. It doesn't just apply to people who have allergies.

In fact, some individuals might like using just HEMA-free polish because they don't want to run the risk of an adverse reaction.

Anyone can purchase our HEMA-free line; you don't have to be a nail tech. Additionally, you don't need to visit a salon to have a stunning HEMA-free manicure. 

What are the HEMA-free gel nail polish benefits?

The use of HEMA-free gel polish has many advantages. All the advantages of conventional gel polish are present, plus there are fewer allergies. The advantages are detailed below.

  1. Resilient, long-lasting manicure.
  2. Less likely to cause adverse responses than HEMA-containing gel polish.
  3. High gloss finish with lots of pigment.
  4. Compared to the time it takes for standard nail polish to dry, cures quickly.
  5. Suitable for anyone with a known allergy to HEMA.
  6. Manicures that look professional can be done at home.

Colors of our favorite HEMA-free gel?

Choosing colors might be difficult because there are so many options. We have a few HEMA-free gel colors that are perennially fashionable.

Here are our top picks for HEMA-free gel polish colors.

  • Red Pillar Box HEMA-Free
  • Nothing should stand in your way, not even a HEMA allergy, because you can't go wrong with a basic red! The ideal Hollywood glam manicure is provided by this vivid and silky red HEMA-free gel paint. 

  • Taupe Desert HEMA-Free
  • This is a stunning, universally wearable neutral color. It's the ideal subdued tone for the workplace and can be paired with any wedding outfit (even if you're the bride).

    It has a high-shine finish that is ideal for a night out. It would also be a fantastic base for nail art if you're feeling daring. For more HEMA free gel polish  check Wowbao nails collection.

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