Tips‌ ‌to‌ ‌Apply‌ ‌Nail‌ ‌Acrylic‌ ‌Powder‌ ‌Correctly‌ ‌

Beautiful, healthy nails are a desired enhancement to feminine beauty. If you are not blessed with wonderful, healthy nails, you can still enjoy the glamorous appearance. All you have to do is apply strong and durable acrylic powder over your nails.

Using acrylic powder is new in trend and that leaves a beautiful and lasting effect on nails.

Visiting a salon for acrylic nail application is an expensive option, however, following the DIY approach with care can bring the desired results.

What supplies will you need to apply nail acrylic powder?

Non-acetone nail polish remover, artificial nails tips, liquid acrylic, and powdered acrylic and nail oil. In equipment, get a nail brush, nail filing block, acrylic nipper, small acrylic brush and a working dish for the liquid. Make sure to choose acrylic nail tips of the same size as your own nails.

Give your nails a manicure

Begin with smoothing rough edges and removing the dead skin. Then apply a non-acetone nail polish remover to remove old nail polish. Once you clean it with remover, the next step is to dry up the nails in the best possible way.

Preparation phase

File the nails according to the desired length. Doing this will not only dehydrate the nail so acrylic paint stays longer but also adhere to the nail better. You can use the acrylic nipper to trim the tips or remove the rough edges and even out the lengths of your nail tips.

Primer application

Primer has a role in adhering the manicure to the natural nail. Usually, acrylic liquids contain primer in them. If so, there is no need to apply the primer.

Acrylic application

Dip the acrylic brush into the liquid acrylic and then into the acrylic powder to create a ball of thickened acrylic on your brush. Now, paint the acrylic onto your nail to create a smooth finish for your acrylic nail tips. Do it quickly to spread the acrylic onto your nail surface without flattening the acrylic. You can wipe the dipped brush on the paper to remove any excess acrylic.

Continue doing it until you build up the surface that resembles the curve of your own nail bed. Also, cover the tip of the nail to form a natural appearance. Try to avoid getting acrylic on your cuticles as mould or fungus might grow under the nail at that spot.


Remove the dust from the nails due to filing and then apply the topcoat. Applying the finish coat after dusting gives a neat and lustrous look. It can be applied for more shine and protection.

It will take only five to ten minutes for your nails to dry and set. Remove any unnecessary acrylic fillings by using a brush or washing with soapy water. With your nails growing out every day, you can paint more acrylic on your nails every two weeks.

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