When will my order be shipped?

We ship packages Monday - Friday unless there is a UK Bank Holiday

When will I receive my order?
We want you to receive your order by the next working day, sometimes things out of our control happen. Please check the order status in your account for real time updates.

There is a problem with my order!

Send an email to info@crownnails.co.uk and quote your order number and name and post code.

USA shipping

USA  customers will pay customs tax when products get to usa.


Can I use other monomers with WowBao acrylic powders?
Yes you can. However for optimum results we recommend using WowBao Monomer.

How do I make acrylic redesigns easier?
Apply a thin base with WowBao Crystal Clear.

How can I protect my nails from staining?
Apply a thin base with WowBao Crystal Clear.

Can I use the Mood Change and Mixed Glitter collections as strength powders?
No, you will need to build strength on the nail with our WowBao Acrylic powders.

How can I make my colour last longer?

Apply a layer of WowBao Crystal Clear, this will also help to protect the colour when filing.