Summer 2021 Nail Trends

The hottest Summer 2021 Nail Art Trends are taking over Instagram and it's brighter and bolder then you would expect.

Lockdown wasn't just a put on 2 stone, binge American Housewives and attempt to Feng Sui your living room... it gave Nail Tech's chance to perfect their skills and feel confident to recreate the Insta Nail Set Image a client passes them during their appointment.

Summer 2021 is all about Nail Art, Neons and Bright Colours and Wowbao has all you need to recreate your most requested Nail Sets this Summer. 

1. Chrome Pigments

Summer 2021 Nail Trends

Upgrade your Gel Polish to a Metallic finish... we can't get over how amazing this looks.

Chrome Base, Pigments and Mirror Finishes


2. Marble Swirls

Summer 2021 Nail Trends

Remember back in school when you would create cute designs with paint on water? Create the same effect with specially formulated Acrylic Powder that automatically marbles for you. This powder is magical!

Marble Acrylic Powder


3. Nail Transfer on a Core Colour Base

Summer 2021 Nail Trends

Nail Foils are easier than you think to apply. Go for a full Nail Foil Look or keep it classy with Core Colour Base peeping through.

Nail Foils


4.Multi-Coloured SetSummer Nail Art Trends 2021

If clients can't make their mind up with what colour to choose, offer them a variety. Switch things up with a Smile Line, Ombré or full colour block.

Highly Pigmented Acrylic Powders


5. Textured 3D Nail Art

Summer 2021 Nail Art Trends

Multi-dimensional Nail Art shakes things up a bit, to recreate this look you need to invest in a High Quality 3D Kolinsky Brush.

100% Kolinsky 3D Acrylic Brush


6. French with a Neon Pop

French Neon Summer 2021 Nail Art Trends

The Classic French/ Ombré look but with a pop of colour for those clients that love the summer vibes but want something more office appropriate.

Neon Pigments in 6 Colours


7. Classic Nudes

Summer 2021 Nude Nail art trends

The classic nudes will never be out of season, make sure you stock up on your core colours and crystal clear! Shake things up and add in some subtle glitters or even a glitter top coat.

Core Powders


8. Neon Pigment

 Summer 2021 Neon Nail art trends

Summer Sets wouldn't be complete without vibrant colours, turn on the vibrancy with Wowbao Neon Pigment. We advise your wear sunglasses during the application as our pigments are crazy intense.

Neon Pigments in 6 Colours


9. Glow in the Dark

Summer 2021 Glow in the dark Nail Art Trends

Summer Nights will stand out... literally. Glow in the Dark Acrylic Powder adds a fun touch to any Nail Set. The Acrylic changes colour from day to night. This is a must have for those clients that struggle to choose their Nail set colour.

Glow-in-the-Dark Acrylic Powder


10. Butterflies

Summer 2021 nail art trends Butterfly

Thanks to Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande, butterflies are a hot topic in Nail Trends this summer.

Butterfly Sequins


11. Dynamic Nail Art

Summer 2021 Nail Art Trends

This is your chance to try out those dynamic designs you've seen splashed around the Gram. The biggest hack to fine lines is using a fine liner nail brush.

Liner Nail Brush

Summer 2021 is all about making a statement with your Nails, make sure you upload examples of your Nail Art on your social media pages and website for clients to choose you over a Nail Tech down the road.


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