What Size Acrylic Brush Should I Use?

Wowbao Nails stock 5 different sizes acrylic brushes and to a newly qualified Nail Tech or someone who has used a size 10 for years, choosing the right brush size can be overwhelming.

A Quick Rule to Brush Sizes is : The Bigger the Brush the Less Work you Need to do.

A brush size is personal to you, however this guide will help you make that important brush size decision.


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Size 8 - The Beginners Brush

Nail Techs start using a size 8 during their training. The smaller size gives you a feel of control when applying acrylic beads. However, with the small size it can take a long time to create a full nail set. Maybe you're thinking to yourself... what should I do with my Size 8 training brush when I upgrade it? Instead of letting it sit in your salon and gather dust, you can use it for Nail Art designs, the finer pointed end will give you precision application.

Size 10 - For the Newly Qualified Nail Techs

Most Nail Techs come out of training and purchase a Size 10, it's not too big where it feels uncomfortable to use but it's still speeds up acrylic application time. This size is ideal for a client with very small nails.

Size 12 - Our Popular Size Brush

If you are used to using a Size 10, increasing to a size 12 lets you create larger beads and overall your application time is shortened. This brush suits small and larger nails. If you are unsure which size to buy, we recommend you start with the size 12.

Size 14 - Our 2nd Most Popular Size Brush

Just like our size 12 brush, this too also flies off the shelves. Most Nail Techs choose this size brush if they want to speed up their overall time with a client, but the size 16 looks too daunting. Remember the less time spent applying acrylic, the more clients that can come into your salon.

Size 16 - The Daddy of Brushes

If you like to apply one bead of acrylic during your application this is the size for you. It fits the widest part of the nail and you can create a full set in lighting speed.

What Size Brush Should You Use?

It all boils down to your preference. If you want to create Nail Sets Quickly and have more clients in your salon throughout the day, choose a larger size such as the Size 16. However if you are a new Nail Technician and feel less confident with your bead applications, try a Size 12.

How to Look After Your Brush

When you have selected your ideal Acrylic Nail Brush size, make sure you maximise the longevity of the bristles with the correct care. Never let excess Acrylic sit inside or on the Bristles as this will harden and make dry Acrylic removal a huge task. 

Check out this Blog Post to help you care for your new Acrylic Kolinsky Nail Brush and this post for how to prep your new brush.

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