How to Create the Perfect Acrylic Bead

One of the popular questions we see in our Wowbao Support Facebook Group is how to balance the perfect ratio of powder to liquid monomer. 

It can be tricky because different powders need more or less liquid monomer, however with a little practice using the 2-bead method, you will be applying perfect beads every time.

The 2-bead method is exactly what is says on the tin. A nail application is created with 2 beads of Acrylic Powder and shaped onto the nail. 

Of corse you can use 1 bead or 3 beads, depending on your confidence, Brush size and method.

How to create the perfect acrylic bead

How to Create the Perfect Bead

1. Remove the bubbles from your brush by flattening your brush on the bottom of your dappen dish to remove any trapped air. Drag the side of the brush gently on the rim of your dappen dish to remove the excess acrylic monomer.

2. Gently dip your acrylic brush into the acrylic powder, whilst keeping the bristles dipped, move the brush back 3 times to collect the right amount of acrylic powder.

3. Next apply the first bead ⅔ of the way down the nail, keeping the position central.

4. With a gentle pressure, pat the acrylic on the outer edges of the nail and move the acrylic into the centre, this will prevent any extra running over the nail sidewalls. Wipe any acrylic excess onto a paper towel - This is important! If you don’t wipe away excess this will stick inside the brush and can harden.

4- Keep patting the acrylic towards the tip to form your desired shape. As the acrylic dries it will stiffen and you will need to apply more pressure to move it to where you want.

5- Before you apply the next bead, wet the nail with a little more acrylic monomer.

6- Repeat the above steps for the 2nd bead. Place the bead near the cuticle - making sure you don’t touch the cuticle. Flatten the acrylic using the tip of the brush and blend it down into the first bead.

7- Continue to apply as many beads as needed.

8- With long strokes, brush down the length of the nail to smooth out the acrylic.

Wowbao Nails stocks 3 different Acrylic Monomers, a medium speed, faster speed and HEMA free. We recommend New Nail Technicians to choose the medium speed to allow more time for sculpting.

The temperature of your salon

Yes, you read that right. If a client has warm hands and nails or your salon is hot, the acrylic powder will dry much quicker. This could explain why you feel you are running out of time manipulating the acrylic powder when you sculpt the 2nd bead.

Bigger Brush Size means Less Beads

If you want more clients in and out of your salon on a daily basis, you should consider a bigger brush. The bigger your Acrylic Nail Brush the less beads needed to sculpt a nail, meaning you can create full nail sets in less time.

Here is a post dedicated to Acrylic Brush Sizes

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