How to prepare a New Acrylic Brush

So you’ve received your new Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush and you’re probably looking at it wondering why it looks nothing like the current brush you use or the one you used during training right? That’s because every new Acrylic Brush needs to be prepped before use and it’s as easy as this ...

You will need:


STEP 1) Remove the Plastic Cap

Remove the protective cap from your bush and discard it, this protects the brush bristles during storage and you won’t need to use this again. However you can keep this plastic cap on should you wish, simply slide it up the brush and pull down when needed.

STEP 2) Break the Glue Seal

Flick the bristles with your fingers and gently rub them together to break the glue seal. You will start to notice the brush bristles loosen up and the excess glue will fall away. This is such an important step! Many Nail Techs forget to do this causing the excess glue to sit at the bottom of your acrylic monomer dish and if not removed, it will clump up during your acrylic powder application, leaving clients nails looking bumpy. 

Keep flicking the bristles back and forth until no more glue falls out. Make sure you do this over a bin or surface you can easily clean. Do not flick the bristles over a pot of monomer or even other Acrylic Powders.

This process could take a little longer than you expect, don'r rush it. Make sure you are gentle with the bristles. This Brush is made from Natural Kolinsky hair that guarantees ease of application and continuous flexibility.

STEP 3) Create the Pinch Point

Soak your Acrylic Brush in acrylic liquid monomer for 2 minutes and wipe both sides of the brush on a paper towel - this flattens the bristles and will form your brush shape. Don’t roll your bristles around in the monomer pot because this will bend the bristles and make it harder to work with.

You can shape the brush between your fingers to create that sharp edge, perfect for laying acrylic beads to the cuticle line.

STEP 4) Storing your Brush

If you choose to keep the plastic cap for re-use, allow the brush to dry for a few minutes before covering with the cap. We advise all Nail Technicians to store their brushes laid flat in a drawer or under a towel to protect them from dust and dirt. Do not store your brush in an air tight container as this may stop the monomer evaporating causing bacteria build up. Do not store with the bristles facing upwards as this may cause liquid monomer to run into the ferrule (the metal connector from the bristles to the handle) and loosen the glue, resulting in bristle loss.

Now your Acrylic Brush is ready to use!

Watch our Brush Preparation Video

To make sure your Acrylic Brush lasts a lifetime, clean your brush properly after each use by dipping it in acrylic monomer and wiping away any excess powder. If your brush dries with powder residue it’s a little difficult to remove, however we have you covered - How to Remove Dry Acrylic from your Acrylic Kolinsky Brush

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